Using Blogging to Fundraise

by Jason Dick

Recently a reader posted a question in the ideas, questions & answers area of the site. Rephrased here is her question:

How can blogging help us fundraise, increase our visibility and how can I use technology to engage new donors?

Blogging is a unique kind of conversation. People have the opportunity to read a multitude of opinions and ideas very quickly. Since I started this blog about fundraising I have been impressed with the amount of fundraising and non-profit blogs that are out there. I am equally amazed at the brilliant comments and insightful conversations that are happening all across America. Overall it has allowed me to ask questions and promote ideas.

The point of blogging can’t be to raise or make money it has to be something more. A blog has to exist to tell a story or talk about a topic/issue. For you it might be, “how can I raise awareness for my organization and how can I link my donors and volunteers closer to the mission of the organization?” For me it is to answer non-profit’s questions about fundraising and provide some advice and ideas on how to do fundraising. You can have your blog mention programs or areas that need funding but I would do that by talking about your program and providing a link back to your non-profit’s website to make a donation.

I am relatively new to blogging so I thought it would be worthwhile to provide you with some links to non-profit blogging experts. Here is some advice from the experts:
Non-profit Marketing Blog

“Don’t ask should we blog? Ask, is blogging a good way to connect with our audience?”

Comment on the dangers of blogging from an earlier post:

“What’s key about blogging is that it be open and authentic. In my mind that means that the CEO (or whomever’s name is on the blog) actually do the writing, without a lot of organizational filtering from PR-like departments.”

Two posts from Tactical Philanthropy:
Blogs aren’t for everyone
Does Blogging Substitute Real Action

A note about the old ways of fundraising:
I don’t think that the old ways of fundraising are dead, but they are not always as successful as they use to be. The days of paper direct mail, and telephone campaigns are not over. I know of countless organizations that use both of those “tried and true” methods and they work really well. But I also know that online giving is growing exponentially every year. Non-profits need to make sure that they are linking to their donors and volunteers by providing online giving, enewsletters, and I think blogging could be another way.

Do you have any thoughts, additions or success stories that you’ve heard, leave a comment. I know many of you in the non-profit blogging community have expertise answering this question.

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