Question: What are some new event & fundraising ideas?

by Jason Dick

Last month I did a question on “Fundraising Ethics” and I got such great feedback that I thought I’d try it again (This question was submitted by reader Sarah Kaiser).

Question: What are some new event & fundraising ideas you’ve given volunteers or heard volunteers using?

Everyday we hear about another auction, luncheon, or gala dinner. I’ve attended countless golf tournaments and house parties. Those of you that work with schools have probably had more than your fair share of bake sale cookies. How many of you that work with businesses have received proceeds from a jeans day?

I know that sometimes I get tired of how repetitive some of these events can feel and I imagine that our donors occasionally feel the same way. So what can we do? Have you tried any new ideas that went really well? Have you run a creative event that had a number of new people? Tell us about it.

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