Obama Crowned Direct Mail King

by Jason Dick

Regardless of your feelings about Obama or McCain I have to take my hat off to Obama’s direct mail fundraising campaign. Recently, I heard that he has over 2 million people on his email list.

Obama has done a tremendous job integrating email appeals with his website, television media, and text messaging. He has also done a brilliant job segmenting his database I have received messages from his campaign manager, Michele Obama, Barrack, and my local governor. Every time they email me they ask for a donation and a call to action of some kind, such as a debate on TV, or encouragement to sign-up with their local office to volunteer.

There are some things he can do that we can’t. He only has a short period of time to raise money so he can get away with sending 1 or 2 emails every week. He also has a higher television profile than any of our charities do. I am very curious to see what he is going to do with his fantastic mailing lists after the election.
Do you receive Obama or McCain’s emails? What insights would you like to share from Obama or McCain’s email campaigns?

Side note: My next “Online Interview” will be about direct mail & email solicitation letters if you know of an expert that might be interested in participating please let me know.

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