New Job Board Feature!

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I am excited to announce that A Small Change – Fundraising Blog has just started a job board.

There is a lot about this board that is in development but I intend for it to be something specially designed to meet our needs as fundraisers. I have been really surprised at how few great job boards there are for fundraisers. You can find some good job boards for nonprofits in general but fundraising jobs seem to be random all over the internet.

I’m starting this site by focusing in my local region of Seattle. I know these nonprofits and the region well, so it’s a great place to get started. However, I’m planning on launching this city by city all over the US & Canada. Should I come to your city next?

Check out the job board and let me know what you think. How can I make it better, what is is missing? What do you like about it. As I get started I’ve imported some jobs from As you start posting jobs I will start to phase out the jobs.

If your nonprofit is searching for good people, make sure to post your job!

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